San Sebastián

A little tired and worn out from an over extended trip that I had planned for a longtime. I wanted to get away from the cold and long winter after a very busy summer working as a private chef along the Great Ocean Road of Victoria, Australia. So it basically went down like this; after spending two month driving around in my cute convertible Fiat 500 in Israel in-between Herzeliya and Tel Aviv. Mainly to get my daily juice from a small kiosk named Tamara and practice yoga at a stunning clinic called El Ha Yoga, I began feeling that I had just about overstretched my welcome. I packed my bags and departed the sunny and tanned shores of the Mediterranean and headed for Spain. San Sabastian in particular. The first thing that will hit you when you arrive, is the symmetry and beauty of the architecture that serounds you just about everywhere you look. The Urumea Itsasadarra which is a stunning rivver that is situated between the new and the old town, is connected by several marvellous bridges and the old town itself is home to so many Pintxo (tapas) bars that you may feel a little spoilt for options. One night I decided to cook a home meal for a couple of Australian friends that where in town. To cut a long story short, I had just about finished preparing a cutesie three course, I then cracked open a nice bottle of vino and while washing a palate in the sink it snapped in half and slashed my wrist and ended up getting stitched real good in hospital. I'm going to stop here and let you ponder a question that I had going through my mind at the time and it kinda haunts me now. Have you ever had the feeling that you simply had too much of a good thing, over indulged and that the universe was trying to tell you, no, it literally smacked you in the face and said - you've been away for to long, go back to where you belong and get back on your own merry little path.